Rwanda-Land of 1000 hills


Paradise Needs to be Shared.

In Rwanda we say, “God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda”. When you see the beauty of Rwanda, you’ll understand why She does so.

Rwanda is Paradise’s treasure chest.

  • Northward lies a chain of five volcanoes, home to the Mountain Gorillas and the Golden Monkeys.
  • South West lies Nyungwe Forest, the last and largest track of montane rainforest in the region. In the forest you’ll find not only colonies of astonishing Colobus Monkeys, but over 100 species of orchids and 250 species of bird.
  • To the East, stretching from North to South is Akagera National Park, a haven forbirds and heaven for birders.
  • West is Lake Kivu, “a veritable inland sea” dotted with picturesque islands

These are a few of the treasures we would like to share with you.

Thousand Hills Africa is a Rwandan - owned company. Our directors have extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry in countries as distant and diverse from one another as Kenya, the USA, Germany and Canada. But an intimate knowledge of our own country, Rwanda, is what makes the difference on the ground.

We are at the forefront of  reviving tourism in Rwanda and totally committed to preservation and conservation. You, the traveller, are key to the conservation of Rwanda’s extraordinary natural treasures. We have intimate knowledge, a highly-qualified team and the deep love of our country to make your stay unforgettable

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